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Up & Running Weekly

Newsletter for DevOps engineers. Carefully curated by Andrés from Jexia.


Rebuilding the test pyramid BY SHACHAR LANDSHUT

5 minutes - Looking at the repercussions of ineffective testing, we’ll see how API driven software development calls for the rebuilding of the test pyramid to cater for the changes introduced to the services layer by micro-services.

Micro-frontend composition patterns BY HARRY MARTLAND

4 minutes - Design patterns to help you build micro front-ends effectively.

Design a web app: software architecture 101 BY EDUCATIVE

12 minutes - These are the decisions you wish you could get right early in a project.

More fundamentals:

Real-world reports

Scaling to 100k users BY ALEX PARETO

7 minutes - Many startups have been there - what feels like legions of new users are signing up for accounts every day and the engineering team is scrambling to keep things running.

Balancing the books at scale BY ASA WITT

8 minutes - As a payment processing company, reconciliation, or making sure all of our payments add up, is one of WePay’s foremost concerns.

Deploying Orleans to Kubernetes BY HARALD SCHULT ULRIKSEN

5 minutes - An overview of how we do continuous delivery of a stateful system based on the actor model.

Reflections on software performance BY NELSON ELHAGE

9 minutes - Reflecting on some of the lessons I’ve learned while writing performant software, and working with rather a lot more not-so-performant software.

Leverage "spot" instances to cut costs. BY ED PRESZ

4 minutes - At Eventbrite, we’re using spot instances to leverage AWS auto scaling and I’ve earlier published

Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust BY JESSE HOWARTH

10 minutes - Rust is becoming a first class language in a variety of domains. At Discord, we’ve seen success with Rust on the client side and server side.

Building K8s controllers with controller-runtime BY VALLERY LANCEY

7 minutes - The overview and the warts.

Building a UI for PostgreSQL database migrations BY PRAVEEN DURAIRAJU

8 minutes - We look back at the journey of building a UI for generating database migrations for PostgreSQL with a focus on ease of use, developer experience, productivity and the design choices we made to build this system.

An effective test pipeline in a service oriented world BY JOEY YE

12 minutes - Learn about how we built an integration test pipeline for the testing of critical business flows spanning across multiple services in Airbnb.

More real-world reports:


Migrating from Docker to Podman BY ELLIOTT SALES DE ANDRADE

5 minutes - If you use Docker, you may or may not have already heard of Podman. It is an alternative container engine.

Testing Ansible roles with Molecule BY GREGS

4 minutes - Leveraging Docker inside Docker and Goss.

Linux performance: almost always add swap

6 minutes - Part 2: ZRAM. Previously, we looked at how swap space, particularly swapping, can severely slow down Linux performance.

Kafka with K8s — provision and performance BY YIFENG JIANG

6 minutes - I have been working with distributed systems like Apache Hadoop and Apache Kafka for many years.

Create a CI/CD pipeline with K8s and Jenkins BY MOHAMED AHMED

17 minutes - CI/CD is a term that is often heard alongside other terms like DevOps. CI/CD solves Traditional problems by introducing automation.

HashiCorp Vault in K8s - Part 1: system integration BY ANH ĐẠT

7 minutes - Vault is the new approach to the age-old secret-keeping problem. This is a practical guide to get it up and running in Kubernetes.

More tutorials:


Primitive keys in ksqlDB BY ROBIN MOFFATT

15 minutes - ksqlDB 0.7 will add support for message keys as primitive data types beyond just STRING (which is all we’ve had to date).

Kafka Connect overview BY LUCKY KURHE

3 minutes - Kafka Connect is a tool for scalably and reliably streaming data between Apache Kafka and other systems.

Releasing GitHub Actions BY JEFF RAFTER

20 minutes - Once you’ve made some amazing GitHub Actions, you’ll want to re-use them and share them with your friends.

Envoy Mobile v0.2 deep dive BY JOSE NINO

11 minutes - Lyft previously replaced the networking libraries in Lyft’s alpha rider app with Envoy Mobile. In this blog post, I want to expand on the technical aspects of the v0.2 release and take a technical deep dive of Envoy Mobile’s current architecture.

Introducing Optimizely Agent BY JAMIE CONNOLLY

4 minutes - Scale feature delivery and testing across Service-Oriented Architectures.

Comparing Docker and Podman BY RORY MCCUNE

6 minutes - Comparing the two with common use-cases and see some of what’s going on under the hood. Both projects use runc as the underlying tool for launching containers, but the higher level components are quite different.

More tooling:


Thoughts about micro-frontends in 2020 BY JS DEV RAY

3 minutes - In the world of back-end developers, it’s much more common to split everything into microservices.

Talks we’re looking forward to at KubeCon EU BY ERIC O'REAR

4 minutes - The lineup of talks is impressive, and it is exciting to see that ‘observability’ is a growing point of focus.

Academic articles


15 minutes - We present HiveMind, a centralized coordination control platform for IoT swarms that is both scalable and performant.

Microservices: a perf tester’s dream or nightmare? BY SIMON EISMANN, COR-PAUL BEZEMER, WEIYI SHANG & DUŠAN OKANOVIĆ

15 minutes - Performance testing is traditionally done by establishing the baseline performance of a software version, which is then used to compare the performance testing results of later software versions. However, establishing such a baseline performance is challenging in microservice applications.

Porting in-memory KV stores to persistent memory BY BRIAN CHOI, PARV SAXENA, RYAN HUANG & RANDAL BURNS

20 minutes - Systems that require high-throughput and fault tolerance, such as key-value stores and databases, need persistent memory to combine the performance of in-memory with the data-consistent fault-tolerance of nonvolatile stores. Previous works have explored many design choices, but they did not quantify the tradeoffs.


State of (full) text search in PostgreSQL 12 BY JIMMY ANGELAKOS

Duration: 50 minutes

Building stateful event-driven applications in K8s BY SRISKANDARAJAH SUHOTHAYAN

Duration: 15 minutes

Change data streaming w/ Apache Kafka & Debezium BY GUNNAR MORLING

Duration: 48 minutes

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